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Research on the relationship between the U.S.-Mexico border and violence, including the connection between migration and drug smuggling.

Ways of interpreting music and culture associated with narcotrafficking.

The Impacts of Organized Crime and Punitive Drug Policy on Children

How organized crime makes strategic use of violence to shape politics, and the impacts of violence on democracy.

Key points about official disappearance data and policy regarding victims.

Resources for understanding the financial strategies used by organized crime and the tools for studying it.

The relationships between femicide, the militarization of the drug war, and incarceration, and how intimate partner violence is often obscured.

Findings about how and why the arrest or killing of criminal leaders leads to changes in patterns of violence.

Resource articles are a collaborative effort by the Mexico Violence Resource Project community. To contribute to improving them, please read more about our submission process by clicking here.

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The Mexico Violence Resource Project is a collaborative effort housed at UC San Diego’s Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies.

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